VWR® B2T-Series Balances

VWR® B2T-Series Balances combine advanced weighing features with a user-friendly touch display.
  • Reliable results
  • Multiple weigh modes
  • Large 5" color capacitive touch-screen display
  • Easy menu access and personalization to allow for customization of the balances home screen

VWR® B2T-Series balances incorporate state-of-the-art features for advanced weighing applications at higher capacities

These economical balances offer a variety of standard features such as external calibration, GLP procedures, 17 weighing units, color touch screen, multiple data interfaces, 11 application modes, and multilingual operation. Through the use of the built in proximity sensors, users are provided the opportunity to have touch-free operation by motioning over the sensors (printing results, zeroing, or taring). The VWR® B2T-Series provides high measurement precision and reliable results at an economical price.
VWR® B2T-Series Balances - 1000 g
Weighing Capacity 1000 g Linearity 0.003 g Readability 0.001 g Repeatabilty 0.0015
44,000 VWR Points
VWR® B2T-Series Balances - 220 g
Weighing Capacity 220 g Linearity 0.2 g Readability 0.1 g Repeatabilty 0.1
42,000 VWR Points