VWR® Bi-Metallic Dial Thermometers (CA89095-734)

Each CA89095-734 Range: 0/150C Stem Length: 200 mm probe Dial Diameter: 44 mm Divisions: 2
1,100 VWR Points
  • Manufacturer: VWR
Thermometers feature stainless steel case and stem, polycarbonate lens and external adjustment nut allows for simple field calibration.

  • Dial thermometers may come with either a probe cover with pocket clip or a beaker clip, depending on size
  • Stainless steel case
  • Polycarbonate lens

Each thermometer offers accuracy to 1%, and is individually packaged with a multi-language (English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish) Statement of Test and Calibration. For correct temperature reading, stem must be immersed at least 50mm (2”) in liquids and 100mm in gases (4”). Dial thermometers with a stem length of 125mm come with a probe cover with pocket clip. Dial thermometers with a stem length of 200mm come with a beaker clip.