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Clamp Pulley - 470148-858

Each 470148-858
220 VWR Points

Polyethylene Test Tube Rack

470148-800 Case of 12 25 mm Test Tube Rack
1,500 VWR Points

Polypropylene Cylinders(CS) - 470177-816

470177-816 50 mL Graduation Interval: 1.0 mL Case of 24
1,600 VWR Points

VWR Mini Centrifuge

From 9,000 VWR Points

VWR Mini Vortex Mixer

From 3,100 VWR Points

VWR® 12-Channel Reagent Reservoir, Sterile

V-shaped wells minimize waste by allowing complete sample withdrawal.
From 1,200 VWR Points

VWR® Acrylic Desiccator Cabinets

Acrylic desiccator cabinets provide low-moisture, dust-free storage.
From 13,500 VWR Points

VWR® Autoclave Tape, Lead-Free

WR® Autoclave Tape, Lead-Free 1.9 cm x 55.4 m (¾" x 60 yds.)
From 130 VWR Points

VWR® Bi-Metallic Dial Thermometers (CA89095-734)

Each CA89095-734 Range: 0/150C Stem Length: 200 mm probe Dial Diameter: 44 mm Divisions: 2
1,100 VWR Points

VWR® Disposable Pasteur Pipets, Glass

VWR® Disposable Pasteur Pipets are manufactured from borosilicate glass, and feature fire-polished tops and a straight-cut tip.
From 2,150 VWR Points