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VWR® Microscope Slide Boxes

Storage of up to 100 standard 25x75mm (1x3") slides
From 800 VWR Points

VWR® Mini Centrifuges

The VWR® Mini Centrifuge is designed for quick spin-downs of microcentrifuge tubes and PCR strips and tubes.
8,250 VWR Points

VWR® Mini Shakers

Variable-speed, microprocessor control provides consistent, uniform mixing action.
25,550 VWR Points

VWR® Modular Heating Blocks for Microcentrifuge Tubes

Constructed from a solid anodized aluminum block. Now with Best-in-Class, Exclusive 5-Year Warranty The close contact of tubes to block walls allows for maximum heat retention. Single block size.
From 2,500 VWR Points

VWR® Multiwell Cell Culture Plates

VWR® Standard Multiwell Cell Culture Plates are plasma treated for consistent cell attachment and growth.
From 4,750 VWR Points

VWR® Pipet Fillers

Pipet fillers do away with the frequently hazardous practice of drawing liquids into pipets by mouth.
From 900 VWR Points

VWR® Polyester Wipers (1200 CS) - 414004-517

414004-517 22.9 x 22.9 cm (9 x 9") White, Case of 1200
8,300 VWR Points

VWR® Pour-Boat Weighing Dishes (500 PK)

These flat-bottomed dishes are made from 0.3 mm thick polystyrene for better strength, stability, and handling.
From 1,500 VWR Points

VWR® Premium Aluminum Foil 89107-732

VWR® Premium Aluminum Foil Heavy-Duty 15.2 m (50') x 22.86 µm (0.9 mil) x 45.7 cm (18") Each
From 700 VWR Points

VWR® P-Series Portable Balances 10205-010

10205-010 Weighing Capacity: 6000 g Linearity: 2 g Readability: 1 g Repeatabilty: 1 g
6,500 VWR Points

VWR® Spinbar® Magnetic Stir Bars

Magnetic stirring bars with integral pivot ring are the most commonly used shape.
From 150 VWR Points