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VWR® LTS Compatible Pipet Tips

VWR® LTS™ Compatible pipet tips feature a flexible seal area and a positive stop resulting in a secure seal with light ejection force on LTS™ compatible pipettors. Compatible with the LTS™ style pipettors Maximizes sample recovery with low binding resin and a fine point design Improves ergonomics by reducing the force required to attach and eject a tip Autoclavable at 15 psi, 122 °C for 15 minutes Manufactured under an ISO 9001 quality management system VWR® tips use a low retention resin that is up to ten times more hydrophobic than other polypropylene pipet tips, enabling viscous samples like protein and DNA solutions to dispense easily without collecting inside the tip.
From 1,750 VWR Points

VWR® Microscope Slide Boxes

Storage of up to 100 standard 25x75mm (1x3") slides
From 800 VWR Points

VWR® Mini Centrifuges

The VWR® Mini Centrifuge is designed for quick spin-downs of microcentrifuge tubes and PCR strips and tubes.
8,250 VWR Points

VWR® Mini Shakers

Variable-speed, microprocessor control provides consistent, uniform mixing action.
25,550 VWR Points

VWR® Modular Heating Blocks for Microcentrifuge Tubes

Constructed from a solid anodized aluminum block. Now with Best-in-Class, Exclusive 5-Year Warranty The close contact of tubes to block walls allows for maximum heat retention. Single block size.
From 2,500 VWR Points

VWR® Multiwell Cell Culture Plates

VWR® Standard Multiwell Cell Culture Plates are plasma treated for consistent cell attachment and growth.
From 4,750 VWR Points

VWR® Pipet Fillers

Pipet fillers do away with the frequently hazardous practice of drawing liquids into pipets by mouth.
From 900 VWR Points

VWR® Polyester Wipers (1200 CS) - 414004-517

414004-517 22.9 x 22.9 cm (9 x 9") White, Case of 1200
8,300 VWR Points

VWR® Pour-Boat Weighing Dishes (500 PK)

These flat-bottomed dishes are made from 0.3 mm thick polystyrene for better strength, stability, and handling.
From 1,500 VWR Points

VWR® Premium Aluminum Foil 89107-732

VWR® Premium Aluminum Foil Heavy-Duty 15.2 m (50') x 22.86 µm (0.9 mil) x 45.7 cm (18") Each
From 700 VWR Points

VWR® P-Series Portable Balances 10205-010

10205-010 Weighing Capacity: 6000 g Linearity: 2 g Readability: 1 g Repeatabilty: 1 g
6,500 VWR Points